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Helping to increase sales and average bill

We use modern digital tools, our own copyright solutions, web development and proven effective schemes for promoting goods and services on the Internet, constantly testing new

Selling sites

We develop landing pages and multi-page selling sites of all levels of complexity.

from $800


Marketing KIT

We develop informational and presentation promotional materials for the offer of goods and services.

from $500


GMB Promotion

Earn with Google Maps customers and your business presentation in organic Google search.

from $50


Contextual advertising

We customize, optimize, and advertise on Google and Yandex. We have certificates and ready to show cases.

from $150


Targeted advertising

We configure, test, optimize advertising in FB, VK, Inatagram. We have successful cases and are ready for any challenges!

from $100



We design, maintain and promote accounts on social networks FB, VK, Inatagram. We set up advertising, generate effective ideas.

from $200


Our services

Our ideas, copyrighted software solutions and developments are for you!

Copyright SPAM protection
for forms on the site

Our anti-spam system does not require the addition of captcha or other elements that cause the user a point.

The system includes hidden elements on the page with the form and a handler. During processing, data can be sent to CRM, by e-mail, to the Telegram channel.

More details

Tracking system to protect sites from copying

Unauthorized copying of sites brings financial and reputational losses. Our tracking system detects attempts to copy a site.

Timely reaction to an attempt to copy a site allows you to delete copies before the onset of negative consequences and maintain the uniqueness of your web resource.


Founder consulting services

I help to analyze the situation and formulate the terms of reference

Founder IDMA LTD

Founder IDMA LTD

Solomakha Vladimir

I have an economic and higher technical education. In the web industry since 2001. I have experience in copywriting, seo-promotion, website optimization, web-development. I use copyright methods and strategies.

I help identify problems in the development of the company on the Internet and suggest effective ways to resolve them. Developing phased promotion plans. I am composing technical specifications.

I am proud of the incredible team of specialists with whom we jointly solve problems at IDMA LTD.

You have no sales? The site does not bring customers? Apply for free help!

Every month I take 1 project and help with advice and expert opinion in its development for free. The discussion is made with the participation of my team.


Consulting services for the development of your online business

Do you want to know how best to update or improve an existing project, increase conversion, position in search engine results, user confidence, or just want to earn more online? I propose to conduct a joint analysis and prescribe a specific path for further action (to draw up the terms of reference).


Facts about IDMA LTD

These theses will help to understand the features of our company and your advantages with us

Agreement on cooperation

Before starting cooperation, we conclude an Agreement containing general provisions on the procedure for cooperation. In the process of company development and the emergence of new circumstances, we improve, supplement the contract in order to better protect your and your interests.

Annex to the contract

Each set of tasks is executed in the form of an Appendix to the main Agreement. The application contains information about the obligations of the parties in the upcoming stage of cooperation, terms, cost or tariffing, payment procedure and other details.


Each project involves receiving confidential information from the Client and providing insider information to the Client. To protect the interests of both parties, a non-disclosure agreement is concluded.


We work on a prepaid basis. Full or phased. The decision was made to avoid cash gaps due to delays in payment.

Installment plan

If the project cost exceeds $2000, and the monthly costs of promotion services exceed $ 500 (only setting up / maintaining advertising or representation in social networks, excluding the advertising budget), individual installments are possible.

Budget fixing

Funds are recorded on the account of the executing company and are not withdrawn until the signing of the acceptance certificate.

Action pay

You can change and supplement tasks at any time of the assignment, payment is made hourly for the time of the specialist.

Work without Terms of Reference

You do not have time to compile a ToR or have no idea what you want? Pay for the work of specialists hourly, use the resources of the team until you reach the desired result or your imagination runs out.

24/7 support

Even if you are not our client, you can get 24/7 support from our specialists.

Registration in the name of the Customer

If during the implementation of the service you need to create an account or buy a product, we do this in the name of the Customer. Thus, the owner is the customer and he is not dependent on our company at any stage of cooperation.

Hosting as a gift

When developing a site, we offer all clients free hosting, provided that we are engaged in site maintenance and third parties do not interfere with the site. At any time when the Customer decides to stop cooperation - we create a new account in the name of the Customer and transfer the website to it.

Free manuals

Valuable manuals are available for you free of charge, allowing you to perform work yourself or effectively control the Executor.

Warranty service

Within 2 months from the launch of the project, all identified problems within the framework of the initial ToR will be fixed free of charge.

Check lists

For each direction of services and work, we have a check list. It shows the project control points by our team, or can be used by you to control other developers. Until all the points are fulfilled, we will not give up the work!

Achievements and partners

Our employees are regularly certified by large IT companies.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer Google Ads Certification 2019 FaceBook Blueprint Certification Google Partners Yandex Direct Certification 2019

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