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Promotion of the company in the issuance of Google and on Google maps
Reach more customers
with Google My Business!
Get into the TOP of Google map issuance in 24 hours, and advance into the TOP of organic search issuance thanks to the correct account management.
Starting brief
Опросник о Вашей компании, который поможет представить вас и ваши предложения в наилучшем свете.
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Check list
Checklist by which you can check the existing site or the results of our work.
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Contract example
A model agreement that protects the interests of both parties and describes the basics of cooperation.
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Annex to the contract
It contains information about the selected tariff plan and its details, additional terms of cooperation.
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Our cases
Description of our cases, achievements and solutions used that may be useful to you.
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Branding Examples
Examples of elements for branding photo and video content placed in an account, account design.
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Custom Tasks
Competitors and ill-wishers understand? Lost access to the point? Need help with something else?
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Road map работы с Google My Business
Типовая последовательность этапов и их продолжительность
1-3 days
Signing a Google My Business Promotion Agreement, payment
Full Account Audit requires Administrator access. For reasons of rationality, as well as in order to comply with all Google rules, we do not request access to the accounts of organizations with which we have not concluded a Cooperation Agreement.                                                              We work on a full monthly prepayment. In exceptional cases, paying for a long period may reduce the cost of services.
2-3 days
Full account audit, work plan development, data request
The correct filling of the information requires the availability of source data.                                                              In some areas of competence, IDMA Copywriters are not enough to write Notes. In such cases, the terms of reference will be sent to your company representatives.                                                              We also request photos and logo for subsequent branding and filling out an account
23-31 days
Performance of work on a monthly basis, reporting
At the end of each month, a report is provided and other actions are performed according to the selected tariff plan.                                                              By mutual agreement of the parties, the Agreement is automatically extended for the next month. If you wish to terminate the cooperation, additional written agreements are not required.
Model project reporting period: 28-31 days
Our cases
Examples of successful solutions to various problems and interesting achievements
Body cosmetics
We restored the lost access to the point on the map, registered a representative office and provided account management as part of the GOLD tariff plan.
Project details >
Home textile store SWEET HOME
Wholesale and retail online store of original products from Turkey with the best prices in Ukraine for goods, maintenance in the tariff plan Platimum.
Project details >
Clinic network
Modern centers of MRI and other types of diagnostics in Ukraine. Helped with the removal of points created by third parties on Google Maps.
Project details >
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Necessary minimum for point maintenance and timely updating of information.
$50 / 1 month
To begin
A full package of works from SILVER + participation in all tested promotion methods.
$80 / 1 month
To bagin
The best choice for most, includes tested methods that have proven effectiveness.
$300 / 1 month
$240 / 1 month
To begin
Tariff features Silver: the minimum that every business needs
This tariff plan is ideal for servicing a large number of points (small representative offices: points of delivery of postal services, ATMs, points of sale, etc.), but it can be an excellent choice for every company that needs to provide point service with minimal financial investments.
Updating the work schedule
Updating information about a point (we fill in the information fields with the data provided by you)
Publishing Notes of type News (we publish content provided by you)
Publishing Post type Promotion (publish content you provide)
Publishing Photo Content (publish the content you provide)
Basic account optimization
Basic account setup
Clarify details and receive a quotation
Tariff features Gold: Test Member
We constantly test new ideas and methods of promotion, analyze how the frequency and content of published content affects the statistics of accounts. This tariff gives a chance to cheaply and quickly untwist a point.
Updating the work schedule
Updating information about a point (we fill in the information fields with the data provided by you)
Publishing Notes of type News (we publish content provided by you)
Publishing Post type Promotion (publish content you provide)
Testing promotion techniques
Clarify details and receive a quotation
Tariff features Platinum: Effective Promotion (Majority Choice)
Full account management, which includes everything you need for quality maintenance and effective promotion of the point, including strategies that have proved to be successful.
Updating the work schedule
Behavioral Improvement
Update point information
Publishing Records of All Types
Publishing Questions and Answers
Attracting feedback
Create responses to reviews
Optimization of content in the account
Account Graphic
Implementation of tested techniques
Branding materials
Clarify details and receive a quotation

Need more? Tariff plan PREMIUM

There is no similar offer on the Internet!
It has all the advantages of PLATINUM, as well as such pillars of promotion:

from $850 / month

Improving behavioral factors at a point

Statistics of behavioral factors directly affect the place in the issue. We improve data in natural and artificial ways as part of Google’s policies.

Support for opinion leaders, media and bloggers

Working with BLOGs and other opinion leaders, in order to attract a greater flow of visitors and customers, helps to increase the recognition of the company as a whole.

24/7 communication with GMB Head

The head of the department is available, ready to advise, listen and discuss ideas and new methods of promotion, give a report on the current status of work.

Conclusion in the TOP-1 niche by the number of reviews

No matter how much Google talks about an objective assessment, dry numbers are at the forefront. And higher are companies with more reviews from local experts.

Access to non-public testing information

It offers confidential information about the results of past tests, as well as data on the system algorithms in real time.

Setting up and running ads on Google Maps, micro-layout

Fix the company in the TOP-1 in the search results on Google maps for all key queries that interest you. Multiply customer recognition and number.

Our PREMIUM recommend:

There is simply no such offer on the Internet!

TV presenter

Ksenia Nikolaevna Sobchak

Using this information, we can more accurately determine the cost and timing of the project. If any of the questions on the questionnaire seem complicated, please contact us for clarification. We guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided about you and your activities.

Deputy Head of Development Department, SBERBANK

Lebedev Sergey Viktorovich

The beginning of cooperation showed that the guys have no experience with such large-scale networks as ours, but they coped with the tasks. The goal was achieved in 11 weeks, then we continue according to the individual tariff plan, which provides precise solution of tasks and service points of the company. Thanks to Vladimir’s team, at the moment, judging by monitoring only in our bank, information on all points is reliable and updated in a timely manner.

Have non-standard tasks? Let's discuss!

Джон Джоли

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Google My Business Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us for a more detailed consultation.
Why can't I just order reviews for Google My Business?

By ordering reviews on Google My Business, you violate Google’s policies and may be subject to penalties.

Even if sanctions for breaking the rules will not be applied - in most cases by wrapping reviews you will only reduce the level of user trust. Moderators and simply experienced users will immediately see that the reviews are wound by the quality of the accounts from which they are left, the schedule of publications, and text content.

What promotion methods do we recommend?

Keep an account in accordance with Google policy, make the most of the proposed functionality, create content for users, and you will move to the TOP.

With us you will advance only in white ways, this eliminates the risk of sanctions.

You get additional benefits due to the fact that we constantly test and implement more effective schedules for publishing content that collects more responses.

When to wait for the results of promotion?

It all depends on your goals. For most projects, maintaining over 4 months is a sufficient time period for the point to look decent and to minimize maintenance costs.

If your goal is to occupy TOP niches, then, of course, it is never advisable to make a full stop, as this will lead to a worsening of the situation in your account, which can be observed in many companies that were once considered industry leaders.

How much does a point promotion on Google Maps cost?

The cost of our cheapest tariff plan is $50/month - the amount that absolutely any company can afford!

For most companies, we recommend choosing the PLATINUM tariff plan - an excellent option that will ensure effective fast promotion.

PREMIUM is suitable for those who want to emphasize the level of the company and present the company as the undisputed leader of the industry.

If your company has many points or has special tasks, describe them, we will offer an individual solution.

Why choose us?

Someone is impressed by the attitude of our team towards our obligations.

Someone is attracted by the dry statistics, the growth dynamics that we provide.

Many trust our experience and how much effort and energy we spend on testing and analytics.

Try it and you work with us, share with other impressions of the work, we will be very grateful to you for this!