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We design custom, integrate and deliver our digital solutions

In our company, you can order the integration of any ready-made software solution from a third-party manufacturer, apply for the development of a solution in accordance with your individual request, and also use the services offered by us below.

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Copyright SPAM protection
for forms on the site

Our anti-spam system does not require the addition of captcha or other elements that cause the user a point.

The system includes hidden elements on the page with the form and a handler. During processing, data can be sent to CRM, by e-mail, to the Telegram channel.

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Tracking system to protect sites from copying

The tracking system monitors attempts to launch a copy of the site, and notifies you when the copy is running on a desktop computer or another site (not yours).

This protection, if you have the knowledge and time, can be removed, but practice shows that in most cases the system copes with the task "excellent".

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